Monday, August 11, 2008

Window ♦ 窗口 ♦ Das Fenster

This is not about the Windows operating system but the normal window at home.

The windows in Germany are mostly this type:

can be opened widely. And also slightly opened. During winter, you want some air ventilation but don't want to waste the heater energy, use this one~

Of course can be closed tightly also. The handle pointing downwards is closed tightly.

Handle pointing sidewards, the window can be opened widely.

Handle pointing upwards, the window can be opened slightly incline.

Outside that one is "blind". It's to block the sunshine. And with wholes so that won't be too stuffy.

A special phenomenon on the window is that it open inwards but not outwards~ what is the reason?

One of the answer is to keep the building looks nicer without the window flipping outwards.

The second answer is because of safety reason. When the building is on fire, you might need to open the window to get some fresh air. According to the statistic, most of the people die in fire not because of burning but lack of oxygen. But if the window need to flip outwards to open, you might have difficulty because the air pressure inside is lower than outside. That's the reason why the window is flipping inwards.

The third reason is that you can clean the window easily.

Of course it has also disadvantage. You must free the space in order to flip inward and waste some space inside.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Socket and Plug ♦ 插座与插头 ♦ Die Steckdose und der Stecker

Electricity standards are different all over the world. Let me introduce the standard in Germany/Europe.
Voltage: 230V Frequency: 50Hz
电压: 230伏特 频率: 50赫兹
Want to know how those Electrical terms called in German?
Voltage 电压Spannung
Current 电流Strom
Resistance 电阻Widerstand
Capacitor 电容器Kondensator
Inductor 电感元件Spule (means Coil)
Power 功率Leistung

In German, everything has a gender. Either Masculine (der), Feminine (die) or Neuter (das) gender. The Socket and Plug have also gender. Socket is Feminine (die Steckdose) and Plug is Masculine (der Stecker). Do you know why? I'm sure you know...:P
德语语法里,任何东西都有“性别”。男的用Der,女的用Die,而中性用Das。插座和插头也不例外。插座是女的(die Steckdose)而插头是男的(der Stecker)。你知道为什么吗?我想你应该知道。。。:P

The best thing I like the Europe socket design is that they can plug in 2 ways~ the second way is used when you don't want the cable to go down so fast. For example a hot pan is under the socket.

Information for the students:

If you want to buy an adapter, please be careful on the design. Choose the left one, the right one is what i bought and cannot be used.

Or you can also do it like this. Buy an extension and change the plug on your own~ the Plug cost about 2 euro only.

Inside is something like this, red/brown one is Live line, blue one is Neutral/Null line and green one is earth line.

If you have really really no idea how to change the plug, you can buy the traveler adapter. Cost me about 20 euro.

Of course the strange thing about German socket and i think it is disadvantage.
1) They have no on/off switch on the socket. Maybe they think all the electronic stuffs should have their own switch, don't need to have an extra one on the socket~
2) They don't have a fuse inside the plug. Maybe they want the thing spoil faster so that you can buy a new one and help the economy~ just kidding...:P

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Waste separation system ♦ 垃圾分类 ♦ Mülltrennungsystem

Waste separation plays an important roll in environmental issue, as a leader of a whole world - European countries of course must be a good model of other countries. In my opinion, Germany has done quite well on this part.

This is a typical garbage collecting container in a hostel. Green boxes are for paper, white boxes are for glasses. The black plastic bag suppose to be yellow is called "Gelbe Sack", it's for plastic bags and packaging bags. And the bio and rest waste are in another bag.
这个是在宿舍里典型的垃圾箱。青色盒子放纸张,白色放玻璃。黑色胶袋应该是黄色的,叫做"Gelbe Sack",是用来装塑胶袋或包装纸。当然还有剩余的垃圾和有机的垃圾在另一个袋子。

Yellow bag - "Gelbe Sack"
黄胶袋 - "Gelbe Sack"

This is taken at train station. Green is for glass, yellow is for packaging, blue is for paper and red is for others.

This garbage centre is outside the hostel, you have to throw is out here when the garbage is full. White is for rest waste, blue is for paper. (the colour is a bit confusing, the best is know how to read the word)

Here is to collect glasses, it even separates white(transparent), green or brown bottles.

This is for you to put old bags or shoes or clothes or so on. It's for charity. Those things will send to poor people. Nice huh?

This mark means that you need to pay 25 cents for the bottle, we called it "Pfand". But if you put the empty bottle in a machine, print out a receipt, you can take the money back. This is also means they use money to force you not to simply throw the bottle, it's also a way. For normal beer bottle has this system too, but less money, only 8 cents.

The bottles are pressed flat and send back to factory.

And one more thing, here we don't encourage to use plastic bag. You need to pay 6 cents for plastic bags. Let you think twice and better use green bag~~

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Luncheon meat fried egg ♦ 午餐肉炒蛋

Luncheon meat is a very famous food in Asia country. Somebody feels curious whether they can buy luncheon meat in Germany or Europe country, or they should bring a whole beg of luncheon meat can food if they are going to stay in Germany to study.

I'm here to tell you, NO~you don't have to~ because here you can find something very similar and it's called "Frühstücksfleisch" (direct translate will be Breakfast meat instead of luncheon meat). It tastes 70% similar, but after frying it will be 85% similar~

Here let me introduce you a delicious and simple way of cooking-Luncheon meat fried egg

全部材料: All ingredients:
午餐肉 Luncheon meat
鸡蛋 Eggs

First, cut the luncheon meat to small cubes, fry then will golden colour. Why fry the luncheon meat first? because the luncheon meat here has a very heavy pork smell, after frying it to golden colour, the smell will be gone and smell nice.

Stir the egg and pour into the pan and fry, this time don't add any salt or soy sauce, because the luncheon meat is very salty~ if you want you can add some sugar to lower the saltiness...

The hardest part is to flip the egg, require a lot of skill, practice makes perfect, try it on your own~

Saturday, April 19, 2008

2008, Year of Mathematics in Germany

2008 is the Year of Mathematics in Germany. The purpose is to send a message about the importance of Mathematics and the Joy of Maths learning. Many students have fear on Maths learning but actually you used Maths without knowing it!~

The slogan is quite cool :"Du kannst mehr Mathe, als du denkst" (You know more Maths than you think)

Jahr der Mathematik

Parabola + Projectile motion


Positional notation

Parabola + Projectile motion


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Polar bear celebrates 1st birthday

from CNN

BERLIN, Germany (AP) -- Celebrity polar bear Knut -- who won the hearts of millions around the globe as a roly-poly orphan cub -- celebrated his first birthday Wednesday with a cake made from 300 eggs and 20 pounds of marzipan.


Knut cleaning his fur in his outdoor enclosure at the Berlin Zoo.

The Berlin Zoo pulled out all the stops to fete its star attraction, who has gone from a fluffy white powderpuff of a cub to a full-grown polar bear with a cheeky curiosity and a penchant for muddying his coat by rolling in the dirt.

His giant birthday cake contains 30 pounds each of flour and sugar. Children were given free entry to the zoo to help celebrate Knut's birthday, and proceeds from sales of slices of the cake will go toward the zoo's foundation, officials said.

But Knut -- no longer a tiny cub, thanks partly to his penchant for croissants -- probably won't get a taste of his own birthday cake. He may have weighed less than two pounds at birth but now tips the scale at more than 240 pounds, and has been on a diet since July.

Abandoned at birth, along with a twin brother who only survived a couple of days, Knut first attracted attention when Berlin's media picked up the story of his main caregiver camping out at the zoo to give the cub his bottle every two hours.

The story angered animal rights activists, who tried to sue the zoo for cruelty to animals by preventing nature from taking its course when the cub was rejected -- even if it cost him his life.

By that time, Knut was a three-month old white furball, with button eyes and his own fan club. He had been photographed dozens of times -- including for the cover of Vanity Fair -- and attracted thousands to the zoo.

Knut has generated more than $14 million for the zoo over the past year in with Knut toys, books and other trinkets, and drawing more than double the number of visitors.

Now that he is grown, the zoo does not have room to keep Knut permanently and are considering other offers from zoos in Europe, with an eye to finding him a mate, officials say.

Thomas Doerflein, who raised Knut by hand, cuddling him and playing with him in addition to feeding him from a bottle, told Germany's Bild newspaper on Wednesday that he hopes the bear will soon find a new home.

"A spacious enclosure. A female partner. At some point, Knut needs to leave me," Doerflein told the paper.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nachtwandel im Jungbusch

am 26. und 27. Oktober 2007, 20 bis 02 Uhr

Nachtwandel is an event that helds for the purpose of celebrating the end of day-light-saving. Many arts, dances, musics are performed.

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